Sample Collection

Sample Collected by OPHL Personnel

     At the moment OPHL do not provide sample collection.

Sample Collected by Customers

     Customers may employ Farm Veterinarian or farm consultant for sample collection. OPHL cannot be held responsible in the event that any damages occur to the sample prior to arrival to the laboratory.

Test Request Forms

    A completed request form; signed with company’s chop must accompany all samples. Please write clearly to minimise documentation error. It is very important that all relevant particulars are provided as requested.

Sample Delivery

      It is important that all specimens collected should arrive at the laboratory in a state as similar as possible to that in which it existed in the animal body just before death.
      All forms of distortion should be prevented and include such things as bacterial contamination, autolytic changes and putrefaction.
      The specimen submitted should always be correctly labelled accompanied by such information as the sample type, breed, age, sex, flock ID, date of sampling, etc. The more information provided the more efficient and useful would be the selection process.
      The labelling should not come off in the presence of water or some other liquids.
      Packing of specimens must be done in a manner to prevent leakage so that dissemination of infective agent does not occur. Plastics bags, wax paper and glass container may be used. These should then be suitably packed in boxes / thermos flasks to prevent breakage while in transit.
      The specimens should be sent immediately to the lab. Specimens should preferably arrive during office hours. Where specimens are due to arrive outside office hours or on public holidays, the laboratory concerned should be notified in advance so that arrangement can be made to collect them.
      Do not freeze blood before collecting serum. Do not freeze whole blood samples but keep then refrigerated.
      Serum should be chilled immediately and transported in ice. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
      Maintain most samples at refrigeration temperature, 4 oC rather than frozen en route to laboratory.
      Water samples should represent the water to be tested. Submit water samples for inorganic analyses in clean containers of either glass or plastic.      Container should be sterile if microbiologic testing is requested. Submit all water samples for organic analyses in clean glass jar with clean aluminium foil placed the mouth of the jar before attaching the lid.

Delivery by Hand

     Customers may deliver samples collected to our laboratory themselves. The samples need to be packed in ice and be kept away from sunlight to prevent them from being damaged. Please make sure that request forms accompany all samples and all the samples are properly labelled. This is to ensure proper documentation and processing of the samples.

Delivery by Courier

     Customers also have the choice of sending their samples using courier service. In such cases, please also ensure that the samples are properly packed in leak-proof bottles, accompanied with dry ice/ice pack and kept away from sunlight. In addition, please ensure that all documentation is attached.
Sample Reception Hours

     OPHL’s normal hour for receiving samples is similar to its business hours. Customers are advised to call the laboratory upon sending their samples to ensure that our staffs are ready to receive them. Except for clinical tests, samples received after 5.00 pm will be kept in storage for processing the next day.

Retained Sample

     OPHL will retain customers balance sample for two weeks from the sample reported date, shelf stable not applicable for subcontracted samples.

Damaged Samples

     Samples Damaged During Transportation

     OPHL will not be held responsible for any damages, lost or any discrepancy to samples delivered to our laboratory by customers or courier services. We will only take responsibility for samples taken and delivered by our dispatch personnel or collecting agents.

Laboratory Test Results

      All test results will be accompanied by respective request order. Customers will be informed by e-mail, fax or phone calls for urgent cases.

Privacy in Reporting

      All laboratory results are treated with strictest confidentiality. OPHL will ensure that the results are only available to the respective customers.

Quality Control

     It is our utmost aim to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our laboratory results. As such our laboratory tests are subjected to both external and internal quality audit. OPHL conducts cross checking with regional DVS laboratories. OPHL had also established closed collaboration with other referral laboratories such as UPM and VRI in the aim of providing extensive and comprehensive services to our customers.