Farmers today have an increasing number of tools for managing crops. New developments in precision farming technologies, biotechnology, and advancements in pesticides, equipment, and other ag inputs are converging and arriving at the farm-gate at an unprecedented rate. Sifting through the overwhelming milieu of technologies to find the tools that really work is a challenge for farmers and the consultants and agronomists that serve and support production agriculture.

New treatments may not necessarily be superior in local areas, even though their average performance over a wider region is superior. Conducting a performance test on your farm or in cooperation with neighbours using similar management practices can help you select the best treatments for your operation.

Often farmers use technologies with little or no evaluation prior to use. Industry heavily invests in technology research and development, thus, ramp-up is fast and products are often marketed and distributed quickly in an attempt to recover investments in the early phases of technology adoption. Often farmers, usually at great expense, must learn and re-learn management of these technologies as new and improved versions are released.