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OP-CB Kit For Screening Organophosphate &


  • The technology developed can be used as     onsite monitoring
  •    Does not require sophisticated equipment
  •   Simple to conduct with minimal training on personnel      

 Carbamate Pesticides Residues

Product Info

  • Quantitative screening of organophosphate & carbamate group of pesticide
  • Duration of test : 20 min
  • Sol-gel technology 
  • Vegetables & fruits

Salmonella Rapid Test Kit for Salmonella sp detection in food


Product info

  • Rapid Detection Kit for Salmonella sp. in food
  • The technology is based on the specific antibody-antigen reaction
  • The kit is in the form of test strip
  • Results within 24 hrs
  • Sensitive as low as 1x103 cfu
  • Very useful  for surveillance agencies and health inspectors and even for food processors in  monitoring the presence of Salmonella sp. in food

Biosensor Kit

For detection of Formalin, Heavy Metals and Antibiotics



  • Convinience and portable for in-situ testing
  • Minimum amount of reagents required
  • Simle to use, minimum training required
  • Relatively low-cost
  • Digital data transfer & management
  • Only one drop of sample required
  • Disposable sensor chip
  • Portable Handheld Reader
  • LCD Display [ppm / ppb]
  • Optional functions: Memory / GPS
  • Electrical signal to Reader